DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Bane Collect & Connect Figure Complete


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Bane is one of Batman’s all time great enemies! Bane is not only a massive beast, but he is also extremely intelligent. Both of those features combined make Bane a super villain that should not be taken lightly, not that the term “light” would be used to describe this complete Bane Collect and Connect BAF action figure. Bane stands tall and is worth the work to put him together.

This DC Universe Classics Wave 16 Bane Collect & Connect figure comes all ready prepared to break the Bat. The only was to get this oversized figure was to asemble it from parts included with 6 of the ave 16 figures. This Bane figure is 100% complete and a major stand out in Mattel’s DCUC series of action figures, and is essential to any Batman fan’s collection.

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