DC Universe Classics Wave 12 Darkseid Complete Collect & Connect Figure


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Darkseid is one scary dude, and well you’d have to be to be the ruler of a planet named Apokolips. No other figure captures this Jack Kirby Fourth World creation better than this DC Universe Classics Wave 20 Darkseid Collect & Connect figure. He finally gets a proper treatment in action figure form with this larger BAF style figure, and better yet, Darkseid comes with his trademark Mother Box and Killing Glove accessories! When you buy him from us at Cape and Cowl you get him complete read to cause havoc in his search for the Anti Life Equation.

DC Universe Classics Darkseid Wave 12 complete Connect & Connect Figure. This DC Univere Darkseid is one of the best build a figures that have been made. Darkseid comes complete with the Mother Box and Killing Glove accessories!

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