Gears of War 3 Series 3 – COG Soldier Action Figure by NECA


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You need man power to win a war, even more so when you’re going up against the dreadful Locust horde. This Gears of War 3 Series 3 COG Soldier is a must have for your COG army. Every army needs the grunt soldier, and to take on the Locust you are going to need a bunch of these guys with their trusty Retro Lancer! The COG Soldier may be name and faceless, but a COG Soldier still looks pretty sweet none the less.

Gears of War 3 Series 3 Cog Soldier is another great GOW action figure by NECA. This COG Soldier by NECA is a great army builder to your team of COG set of action figures. The COG Soldier by NECA has great detail and paint job, and comes with a Retro Lancer as his accessory.

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