Gears of War Series 1 – Marcus Fenix 3 3/4″ by NECA


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Small does not always mean cute. This Marcus Fenix is part of the new 3 3/4″ line of Gears of War action figures by NECA. Now with this 3 3/4″ Gears of War line by NECA will allow all of you to create some awesome dioramas and displays, without taking up that much space.

Marcus Fenix is part of the Gears of War Series 1 3 3/4 inch line of action figures by NECA. For those of you who don’t have lots of room, or just like the 4 inch scale figures, then this Marcus Fenix and the Series 1 Gears of War line of action figures is for you. This Marcus Fenix may be small, but he still comes with all of the great NECA sculpt, paint, and articulation features.

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