GI Joe Pursuit of COBRA – Zartan no 1010


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GI Joe Pursuit of COBRA Zartan Master of Disguise no 1010 action figure by Hasbro. Zartan is a classic member of COBRA and enemy of GI Joe. This Zartan in the GI Joe Pursuit of COBRA line of action figures looks great and is a must have! Zartan comes in desert attire and is ready to sneak across enemy lines and gather critical battle info. This Zartan no 1010 comes with tons of accessories, and even a different head and chest piece so that you can truly disguise him.

GI Joe Pursuit of COBRA Zartan is a great addition to the line. Zartan has always been a master of disguise who can easily cross enemy lines and gain the info he is looking for. Zartan comes to you mint on card and has lots of great accessories.

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