Gremlins Brown Gremlin Series 2 by NECA


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The Brown Gremlin is another iconic Gremlin from the movies. The Brown Gremlin is everything that makes a Gremlin, he’s gross, menacing, and looks to be full of mischief. The Brown Gremlin also appears to prefer cigars to cigarettes and comes with one cigar and one pair of sunglasses as accessories. Someone should really start to teach the Mogwai’s the dangers of smoking, so that when they spawn Gremlins they’ll make the right choices in life.

Gremlins Brown Gremlin action figure by NECA is part of Series 2. Brown Gremlin is one of the more evil looking Gremlins, and has great detail and paint. NECA again did a great job with this Brown Gremlin and gave him a pair of sunglasses and a cigar as his accessories.

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