Gremlins Flasher Gremlin Series 1 by NECA


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The Flasher Gremlin, need we say more. This Flasher Gremlin is a classic from the movies and definitely a fan favorite. Again we’re not sure how Gremlins know how to smoke or which brands they prefer, but this Flasher Gremlin comes with his cigarette, sunglasses, and trench coat.

Gremlins Flasher Gremlin action figure by NECA comes to you sealed in his original packaging. The Flasher Gremlin is definitely a fan favorite and looks amazing. The Flasher Gremlin comes with not only his jacket, but also a pair of sunglasses and one cigarette. The paint and sculpt on this Flasher Gremlin just shows how much time and effort NECA puts into their toys.

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