Gremlins Phantom Gremlin Series 2 by NECA


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The Phantom Gremlin is another classic Gremlin from the second Gremlins movie. The Phantom Gremlin should have paid more attention got the warning on the acid bottle, which says “do not throw in face” but then again it was another Gremlin who did the the throwing. The Phantom Gremlin is a fun and iconic Gremlin that is a must have for any collector out there.

Gremlins Phantom Gremlin is part of Series 2 Gremlins by NECA. The Phantom Gremlin comes to you with his mask with handle and bottle of acid as his accessories, along with the appropriate burn marks on his face from the acid. This Gremlin looks great in the package, but really needs to be opened up so that you can properly pose the Phantom Gremlin with his mask.

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