Half Life 2 Head Crab Plush by NECA


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If you need something creepy to fall asleep with, then the Half Life 2 Plush Head Crab by NECA is for you. The Plush Head Crab is soft, but that’s the only part that is going to be very similar to your standard plush figures. The Head Crab will be sure to creep out any visitor you have, and maybe even your pets too.

This is the Plush Head Crab by NECA. If you every wanted something to battle those cute and fuzzy plush animals, the Half Life 2 Head Crab by NECA is the perfect thing. The Head Crab plush has great detail and even has a little hole, so that it can overtake some of those other bothersome plushes out there.

Half Life 2, New Action Figures

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