Magic the Gathering Journey Into Nyx 3 Booster Pack Special CCG


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Get 3 Journey Into Nyx sealed booster packs by Wizards of the Coast to save some money. Journey Into Nyx is the last expansion of the Theros Block and is definitely one full of amazing cards. In each 15 card booster pack of Journey Into Nyx you’ll get 10 commons, 3 uncommon’s, and a rare or mythic rare card. If you’re real lucky you’ll end up with 1 less common card and score a foiled card instead!

Get 3 packs of Magic the Gathering Journey Into Nyx cards and save. The Journey Into Nyx is the last installment of the Theros Block of Magic the Gathering CCG. In Journey Into Nyx you get to play through and see what happens to Xenagos as he has assented into the Nyx Realm. Save a couple of bucks and buy 3 packs at a time! Also don’t forget to check us on on Frinday nights for FNM specials and events at our shop in Fountain Valley, CA.

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