Magic the Gathering Journey Into Nyx Battle Deck Defeat a God


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Journey into Nyx Defeat a God Battle Deck is a great way to play some Magic by your self, and put your deck to the test. These Battle decks by Wizards of the Coast are meant to be played against by any type of Magic the Gathering formatted decks. Whether your a standard, modern, legacy, or whatever player you can test your deck against this one.

This Magic the Gathering Journey into Nyx Defeat a God Battle deck comes sealed and ready to play. MTG Battle Decks are a great way to test your deck and enjoy some Magic when no one else is around to play. These decks are made to be played solo and have instructions on how to use the deck. If you have been keeping up with your hero’s path, then you will also be able to use those promo cards in your opening hand. When it comes to defeating a god, your gonna need all the help you can get!

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