Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man


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He-Man is the hero of Masters of the Universe that most people know. He-Man may have had a bit of a weird haircut and questionable wardrobe, but he was noble and did what was right! This Four Horsemen sculpt is a bit more proportioned than the original HE-Man and has a great sculpt. He-Man comes outiftted with removable armor, his trusty battle axe and a full Powersword, as well as “half” version of it too!

Masters of the Universe Classics He-Man action figure comes to you in his Re-Issued packaging, feature the classics “The Original” burst along the front. He-Man is easily the most iconic and recognizable character from the original Masters of the Universe line of action figures from the 80’s, and this updated version captures him in all his retro glory. Mattel and the Four Hoursemen have brought the line back with these amazing recreations of the orginal Masters of the Universe line.

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