Realm of the Underworld – Acromancer Underworld Edition


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The Acromancer Underworld Edition is a stand in this wave 1 of ROTU action figures by Zoloworld. The Acromancer looks just too cool with his red body and skeleton head, and even more so with the helmet on. The Acromancer is definitely not a creature that I would want to run into in the Underworld.

Realm of the Underworld Acromancer Underworld Edition action figure by Zoloworld. Arcromance Underworld Edition is a a stand out piece in the ROTU line of action figures. Acromancer comes with his shield, chest armor, and poleaxe as his accessories. Like all of the other Realm of the Underworld action figures, the Acromancer Underworld Edition has fully interchangeable parts with all of the other ROTU action figures. If you want to keep the Acromancer mint on card, then make sure to pick up a Vintage MOTU Zoloworld case to keep it minty fresh.

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