SH MonsterArts Biollante


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Another must have for all Godzilla fans out there, the SH Monster Arts Biollante is one massive kaiju to add to your collection. The Bandai Tamashii Nations MonsterArts Biollante is one intimidating monster from both a size and look stand point. SH MonsterArts Biollante is one plant that will really liven up the room a bit.

SH MonsterArts Biollante action figure by Bandai Tamashii Nations. The SH MonsterArts Biollante is the biggest figure in the Bandai Tamashii Nations line of import figures. The MonsterArts Biollante is fully posable and lights up as well. If you have the space, then this SH Monster Arts Biollante by Bandai Tamashii Nations a must have!

GODZILLA, New Action Figures, SH MonsterArts

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