Star Wars Darth Maul Light Saber Chopsticks by Kotobukiya


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Darth Maul light saber chopsticks that actually connect to make the double blade light saber are truly one of those things that you’ve always needed but never knew it. Kotobukiya really went all out when making the Star Wars chopsticks, and these Darth Maul light saber chopsticks are definitely one of the best sets!

Star Wars Darth Maul light saber chopsticks by Kotobukiya. These Darth Maul chopsticks are a great addition to this line of products by Kotobukiya, and even have magnets at the end of each one so that you can connect them just like the actual Darth Maul light saber. Darth Maul may have not lasted long, but these Darth Maul chopsticks will, and will always make eating a little more fun!

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