Star Wars Luke Skywalker ROTJ Green Light Saber Chopsticks by Kotobukiya


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You don’t need to be a Jedi Master to use thse Luke Skywalker green ROTJ light saber chopsticks, but you can look like a Jedi Master as you use these to eat with grace and style at the dinner table. Luke Skywalker may have used his new green light saber to slash bounty hunters, chop off the front end’s of speeder bikes, and battle evil sith’s, but you can just use them to devour whatever food is in front of you.

Star Wars Luke Skywalker ROTJ green light saber chopsticks by Kotobukiya. These Luke Skywalker chopsticks by Kotobukiya come to you in the Return of the Jedi green color light saber that Luke wields in episode 6. These Luke Skywalker green light saber chopsticks are another great addition to this line of chopsticks by Kotobukiya and a must have for any Star Wars fan out there!

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