Star Wars Yoda Light Saber Chopsticks by Kotobukiya


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You don’t need to have the Force to use these Yoda Light Saber Chopsticks by Kotobukiya. These little Yoda green light saber replica chopsticks are a fun way to eat and a must have for any Jedi out there. Kotobukiya makes great products, and these Yoda light saber chopsticks are another great product from them. Being slightly smaller than the other light saber chopsticks, these Yoda chopsticks are great for the young padawan’s out there.

These are a set of Star Wars Yoda chopsticks by Kotobukiya. These Yoda chopsticks come to you as mini replica’s of the old Jedi Master’s light saber. These Yoda chopsticks by Kotobukiya are fully functional and fun for all Star Wars fans out there! The Yoda Light Saber chopsticks are to scale with the other Light Saber chopsticks, so they are a little bit smaller in size making them perfect for adults or kids to use.

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