The Venture Bros – Hank Venture


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Hank Venture is one of the 2 Venture children alive today, well that is if you don’t consider all of their clones. Hank Venture is a must have for any fan of the hit Adult Swim show the Venture Bros! Hank Venture even comes with a machete as his accessory, in case Brock Samson can’t come to the rescue for them. Go team Venture!

The Venture Bros Hank Venture action figure by Biff Bang Pow. This is the first time you can get your very own pocket sized Hank Venture action figure. Biff Bang Pow has done a great job with this new line of Venture Bros 4 inch action figures. Hank Venture looks just as he does in the Adult Swim Cartoon The Venture Bros, and comes with machete as his own accessory.

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