Vintage Masters of the Universe – Horde Trooper


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Hordak’s Evil Horde was bad, and got worse when he invented the Evil Horde Trooper. The Horde Trooper was able to collapse down into his own chest and be a menace to Eternia. Hordak must not have been very bright, or was just lazy, because the Horde Trooper’s one weakness is a punch to the chest. Wow, he made a robot that can’t take a punch to the chest to mess with a guy who does nothing but punch people in the chest….oops!

This Vintage Masters of the Universe Evil Horde Trooper is complete with his staff and mini comic. The Horde Trooper and matching mini comic are two of the tougher pieces to find in the Masters of the Unvierse line of action figures. The Horde Trooper does have some plastic discoloring in both ankles, a spot on his right shoulder, and spot on the head. The mini comic has a great front and interior, with some wear lines on the back of the issue.

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