WWE Basic Figure Undertaker 23


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WWE Basic Figure Undertaker is number 23 of this line of action figures by Mattel. This Undertaker has a great sculpt and articulation, so that you can make him show of his cat like reflexes as he walks the top rope or perform a tombstone to finish off an opponent. This Undertaker Wrestle Mania Heritage Series action figure is a must have for any Undertaker fans out there.

WWE Basic Figure Undertaker #23 action figure by Mattel. This WWE Basic figure Undertaker is part of the Wrestle Mania Heritage Series from Wrestle Mania 21. Undertaker is one of the WWE’s most famous and loved wrestlers of all time. This Undertaker comes in his classic black pants, tank top, armband, and tattoos. This Undertaker action figure comes in the six inch scale, and is a great addition to any WWE collection.

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