WWE Legends Series 4 – Demolition AX


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Face paint, leather, spikes, and masks, what else could you want from an 80’s wrestler? AX is the other half of the legendary tag team of Demolition. Demolition may have gotten betrayed by their manager Mr. Fuji, but they got their revenge at Wrestle Mania V! The tag team Demolition action figures will be a major stand out in you WWE Legends collection.

WWE Legends Demolition AX Series 4 action figure by Mattel. AX is the other half to the amazing Demolition WWE tag team. Like Smash, AX is fully decked out in the Demolition signature gear that consists of leather, spikes, studs, a mask, and face paint. If you already have Smash of Demolition, then you’ll definitely need to make sure you pick up AX!

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