WWE Legends Series 4 – Demolition Smash


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If you love the WWE Tag Team’s then you’re gonna love Smash of Demolition. Series 4 WWE Legends comes with both Smash and Ax in the line up, and they both look great. The Demolition tag team really embodied all of the 80’s metal at, leather, spikes, and face paint, what else could you want. Mattel did not spare any of the spikes and studs on this leather clad WWE Legend!

WWE Legends Demolition Smash is part of Series4 by Mattel. The Demolition Smash action figure is just one part of the amazing tag team Demolition. Smash comes in his full facepaint, spiked gear, and mask making this a must have for any WWE Legends collector. If you already have AX then you really need to make sure you complete this iconic WWE tag team by picking up Smash.

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