Zoloworld Masters of the Universe Classics Protective Case


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Zoloworld MOTUC protective case is a must have for any MOTUC carded collector out there. With this Zoloworld case, you can now take those Masters of the Universe Classics figures out of their white mailer boxes and display them with confidence. A protective case is a great way to keep your figures protected, clean from dust, and add a little something extra to the display factor.

This Zoloworld protective case is made specifically for the Mattel Masters of the Universe Classics line of action figures. This protective case fits those MOTUC carded figures like a glove. Like all Zoloworld cases it not only protects your carded action figures, but it allows you to display them beautifully. Each case has it’s own hanger hole, so that you can now hang your carded MOTUC figures up and not worry about folding up the standard one on the card itself.

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