Zoloworld Vintage Carded Masters of the Universe Protective Case


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These Zoloworld Carded Vintage Masters of the Universe protective cases are a must have for any vintage MOTU carded collector out there. This perfectly fitted Zoloworld cases securely flatten down the card, and add extra protection to the bubble. Whether you have super crisp minty carded MOTU pieces, or some that are a little less fortunate, this Zoloworld case will protect them and make them look great! These cases are also good for protecting your Vintage Marvel Secret Wars action figures and Galaxy Warriors action figures.

This Zoloworld produced protective case fits your vintage carded Masters of the Universe action figures perfectly. We all know that those tall cards on the vintage MOTU action figures makes them look great, but is also what is most at risk for getting damaged or bent. That is why if you need to make sure you pick up these specially made Zoloworld protective cases for them. This Zoloworld case locks those carded Masters of the Universe figures into place and add superior protection the the entire piece. With this case you can confidently display those beautiful carded MOTU action figures wherever you want!


Case dimensions:

11.5″ T x 6.25″ W x 2.5 (Bubble depth)

Carded Masters of the Universe, Gaming & Cases, Zoloworld Cases

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